Gamification of teaching

Have you ever felt like a class was boring? Maybe even when you were the teacher?

Education can be boring for some, but it does not have to! Learning new stuff is one of the most awesome things we can spend our time on, and all we need is a few tools before education become an amazing experience for every student.

How can that be achieved? A good place to start is…

Exploration of knowledge – A teaching system that grants the students a degree of autonomy and a sensation of progress. This is achieved by placing tasks on a map, and making a series of gates that can only be passed once enough tasks have been solved.

Make learning into an epic journey

Try it out now: Exploration of knowledge 


or take a look at one of the blog posts below:

Teach with a narrative

Use a narrative in which the students are the heroes to bring epic meaning to class activities.

Thermal Showdown info

A card game of robots, the game mechanics express the mathematical relationships between physical concepts in thermodynamics.

Mastery of assignments

A system to give students feedback for their assignments in a way that they experience progress.

The tube race Octalysis

A short introduction to the Octalysis framework, a useful tool when attempting to gamify teaching

How to fix an overly left-brain student

Using Octalysis to analyse the best way to approach students with an unbalanced mentality of “I am only here for the grades”. Why is this mentality a problem, and how to handle the students.

What is your enneagram type?

Personality types and ponies – very random

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