Cards of Knowledge

I’ve made a cardgame for teaching, which has been quite successful among my students.

The main idea is simple: Players ask each other the questions on the cards. If the answer is correct they score points, if it is wrong they take a point of damage instead.

But there are some details which make this game more suitable for teaching than games like Trivial Pursuit.

Cards with Danish questions. Translation: “Power formula. Double damage. Roll a dice. At 5 to 6 double the damage for wrong answer. What is the relationship between power, energy and time (formula)?”. “Capacity of heat definition. What is the definition of capacity of heat (symbol C)?”. “Added heat. What is the formula for the added heat during heating?”

First off, the game is played in teams with 2-4 players. Every time a team ask a question to the other, they also randomly choose a player on the answering team, using a dice. And the team only get full points (usually 2) if the chosen player answer the question, without help from his team. If the team help, they only get 1 point.

The game is designed to engage every student by randomly giving them the option of earning extra points for the team. This ensures that even students who find the subject difficult will not just give up immediately.

There is a time limit of 1 minute to get the answer correct. So if a team cannot answer within the time limit (or give a wrong answer), they take the point of damage.

You can play with a limited amount of cards, if you either have a hard time coming up with enough questions for the subject, or if you want to give the cards as student rewards during teaching.
When all cards have been played, the team with the most points win.
A team can also win by gaining total of 8 points, and a team will lose if they take 4 points of damage.

Damage is not “negative points”, they don’t cancel each other out. This is important to remember, becuase the game is designed to end after 20 minutes, since teams will either reach 8 points or 4 damage by that time.

The designer of “Cards of Knowledge” (in Danish “Fagets Mestre”) is Bo Paivinen Ullersted. All rights reserved.

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