Opponents for single player TS

Play against “computer” opponents

The game contain a series of “computer” opponents you can play to practice, or when you lack a human opponent. Every opponent has a name, and instructions on how to play their side of the table.

Each one play with a specific set of cards, and has a specific behavior.

Can you defeat all of them?

The Apprentice

The Apprentice play with a set of four Toy Soldiers and four Tiny Robots.
All eight cards starts on his hand, which is visible to you.

Card style

Every round the Apprentice play one Battle card:

Round 1, 3, 5 etc. play a Toy Soldier

Round 2, 4, 6 etc. play a Tiny Robot

If ever the Apprentice run out of a type of card, it plays the other type.
The Apprentice starts with a hand of all eight cards.
The Apprentice draws cards directly from the discard pile.

Attack style

The Apprentice attacks, in order of priority

  1. The player directly (if no ready defenders)
  2. Cards that may be defeated with no casualties
    (attacking a Toy Soldier with a Tiny Robot)
  3. Cards that has Melting with no casualties
    (attacking a Frozen Machinery with a Tiny Robot)
  4. Cards that will be defeated with casualties
    (attacking a Toy Soldier with a Toy Soldier)

The apprentice never use multiattack.

Extra challenge: Defeat this opponent without taking damage.

The Defender

The defender play with a deck: Two of each battle card, except the Ninja.

Card style

The Defender plays one battle card each round, the card with the highest energy cost which also comply with the following rules:

  • If the Defender has no cards with blocking on the table, a card with blocking is played (if possible).
  • If the Defender has a blocking card, but no cards with radiation, a card with radiation is played (if possible).
  • Otherwise, any card can be played.

The Defender starts with 6 available cards (visible to the player), and draw a new one from his deck each round.

Attack style

The Defender attacks the other player directly with every Battle Card that has radiation.

The Defender never attacks with blocking cards.

The Defender use “normal” cards (without blocking and radiation) to attack cards that can be defeated with no casualties. For example attacking a Toy Soldier with a Tiny Robot.

The Defender never use multiattack, and only attack Melting cards if they can be defeated in one attack.

In case of defending against a multiattack, the first priority of the Defender is to defeat the highest energy cost card (trick cards included) that he is able to. His second priority is to deal damage to a card with Melting.

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