Setting of Thermal Showdown

Brilliant scientists have come to fight for their causes, piloting an impenetrable robot armor they each go into battle followed by their robotic creations and allies.
An unstoppable force, the only real challenge to the inventors are others with an equal skill in producing and controlling robots.

Their favored way of dealing with an opponent scientist is to overheat his robot armor, leaving him defenceless.

Meet the scientists

The Enforcer works with the police, stopping any rouge scientist that would break the law.

Natures Defender will fight against the destruction of the land. Oil, logging and mining companies all fear his action against their “technically legal” projects.

The Mastermind fights for science, for progress at any cost. The laws against human cloning, scentient AI, artificial lifeforms and self-replicating robots are made to be broken.

The Hero of the People will always fight for the weak and downtrodden. Be it racial discrimination, economic oppression, ethnic cleansing or plain dictatorship, the Hero of the People will pick a fight.

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